Luke's Gospel - part 5

Lukanyň hoş habary   Mary's song 46 Then Mary said,   ‘All of me wants to praise God and say, “Lord , how good and great you are!” 47 I thank God because he is the one who saves me. 48 I know that I am not an important person. God knows this, and he has been kind to me. Listen! From now on, all people will say that God has made me happy. 49 Yes, God has done great things for me. He is very powerful and strong. He is good in every way. 50 He is kind to people who respect him. He will always be kind to people like that. 51 He has shown how strong he is to do great things. Some people think that they are very important. But he has sent them away in different directions. 52 Some people were ruling countries. But he has taken their power away from them. He has given power to people who do not feel important. 53 He has fed hungry people with good things to eat. But he has sent rich people away with nothing. 54 He promised that he would be kind to his people, Israel . Now he has come and helped them. 55 He made a promise to Abraham and to our other ancestors . Now he has done what he promised.’  [l]   56 Mary stayed with Elizabeth for about three months. Then she returned to her home.
  • [l] 1:55 Mary is very happy. She knows that God has been good to her and to Elizabeth. She sings about God. She sings about the great things that he has done. She sings that he will use his power to be kind. He will also use his power against people that do not obey him. Mary is a Jew . She remembers God's promise to the Jews .